Faszination "Altes Werkzeug" - Markierwerkzeuge / Forst

Nummerierschlägel,   Nummernschlegel,   Nummernhammer,   Numerierschlägel,  Zahlenhammer,  Zahlenschläger,  Bretteranschlaghammer,  Waldhammer,  Toquotte,   Marteau Forestier,   Marteau Numéroteur,   Log Marking Hammer

This website is about tools used to mark timber. It deals with tools employed in forestry and carpetry. The focus will be on forestry tools. Two different types of log marking hammers have developed since 1865: simple marking hammers with a fixed ring of numbers and revolving hammers with mechanically turnable rings of numbers. Both were used to to mark freshly harvested timber with combinations of numbers as well as consecutive series of numbers. The protruding numbers were coated with an oleaginous thick paint and hammered into the logs. The result is a rather permanent mark – one the one hand by the adhesive paint, on the other hand by the numbers imprinted into the wood. Since the 1970s these log marking hammers have been replaced by more modern marking procedures. Nowadays spray cans with fluorescent paints and plastic numbers are used. The age of the quaint looking marking hammers seems to have disappeared and it is in very few places that they are still being sold as new goods.


A few years ago I accidentally came across a strange looking numbering tool

 – ein Nummerierschlägel – and since then I have been fascinated by marking hammers.


This website is adressed to everyone who is interested in old tools, especially in marking tools. These tools are antiques now after about 130 years of existence - probably because they used to be treated rough. The forces applied when marking the numbers had their impact on the cast-iron figures, the wear on them was enormous. So many of these tools ended up as scrap iron and simply disappeared. This type of tool will be looked into based on photographs, catalogues and patent specifications. Are they still about, all these different kinds and forms of log marking hammers, the tools of the companies such as Wilhelm Göhlers Wittwe and David Dominicus which can be found in old catalogues?


And last but not least – these archaic-looking tools, the log marking hammers, the numbering hammers, aren't they highly attractive and fascinating to look at?




letztes Update:


was ist neu?

Katalog Reiss um 1900



Reiss / Liebenwerda



Kataloge David Dominicus & Co.



Wigöwi Katalog um 1900



Datierung Wigöwi



Projekt H60


Das Schuster'sche Numerirrad



Eiserne Stempel Ihrig



Numeriersystem Sedlmayr



Bestückung des Kataloges H60 von Göhlers Wittwe mit Fotos zum jeweiligen Schlägelmodell


Fotos zu  Nummerierern aus H60?